Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Torch Has Been Passed

Iraq is now in control of herself. Finally the transfer is complete and Iraq is a independent nation. This is awesome news, but for some reason I wasn't as happy as I thought I might be. Now I wonder what the people who claim the war was only about oil are going to say now. I say this because their argument about us keeping the oil for ourselves has completely blown up in their face. The Iraqis now have COMPLETE control over their resources. This is a great day for Iraq and her people. I just hope she can keep the Wolves at bay (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, and other middle eastern regimes) so they wont be able to install their own guy they might help get into office and totally turn this democracy into a dictatorship or ANOTHER Islamic regime.

It is good to be sceptical and ask many questions of our Government. However, that is the job of every American citizen. Politics do NOT belong in the military. So, until I am honorably discharged, I am not going to involve myself into any political party. I am going to exercise my right to vote, but no one, not even my family will know the result. Right now, all I will tell anyone is that I am undecided. However, I am not hopeful for Iraq in all honesty. I believe we have got her on the right track, and the United States has paid a very heavy price for this, almost 1000 soldiers dead and billions upon billions spent. Now, it is up to the Iraqi people to lead the way toward a bright future for their children. I do not think this is going to last. I think this democracy is going to fall apart. I say this because of tribal factions, and the Sheiks and Mullahs have ALL the power, so of course they are going to want their own piece of the pie. Then the neighboring countries will want their own guy who is in favor of their regime and they will fund him, and he will probably rise to power and then it'll be a nation based on Islamic law. What the United States did was very noble, but I honestly do not believe the Iraqi people are up to the task. They are too selfish and think only about themselves. After all, the whole war they always were on the sidelines, not doing anything even if they were in favor of the coalition.

Islam is not a religion of peace. This is a bunch of crap, the only ones who say it's a religion of peace are the liberal kind of Muslims and they only exist in places like America. Being in Iraq I met those that said it is a religion of peace, and then the next minute they said they'd kill us if we bulldozed their house like the Israelis do. Give me a break, in many places in the Koran it talks about killing the infidel. These people want to live in the 10th century. I really frustrates me on how alot of them think, and you may call me ignorant, but you can't sit there and tell me I'm wrong when you weren't around Iraqi people like me everyday for a whole year listening to them and how they all talk and think.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I'm not one for doing movies reviews on a blog, but this new movie by Micheal Moore really touched me personally. This movie is a documentary, and does have a political agenda behind it. However, there is alot of truth in the film. I went to this movies so I could get other perspectives on the world. I don't just listen to one side and decide I like them, I like to hear from all different sides of the story.

One thing I will not discuss is how I feel about Bush. Being in the United States Armed Forces, it is very unprofessional to talk bad about your leader, and Bush is in our chain of command. I keep my thoughts to myself as far as that goes, I don't even tell my family how I feel about Bush, I just keep my mouth shut in their political debates they often have. The movie had my close to crying on several occasions though. About the story of this poor mother who's son died in Iraq, and how she just was soooo over-whelmed with grief that she feel to the floor and had to crawl to a table to pick herself back up and no one was there to hold onto her or try to comfort her. Then, it shows a later scene where the Woman goes to the white house and tells this group of anti-war protests camped out by the White house that her son died, and she walked off and cried and almost fell over from the strong emotions. Another thing that was interesting was all the Congressmen and Senators all gung-ho about going to fight a war, but were not in the least willing to send their own children to fight. But what REALLY touched me was when Micheal Moore described how amazed he was that the littlest people, many from poor broken families who had been crapped on by the Government, were always the ones that came and stepped to the plate to protect that same government. It nearly moved me to tears. Being in the military though, and watching some of the soldiers running around in chaos after bring wounded soldiers back, all I was thinking "oh no, this is not something my mom should be seeing." One thing however, that I did not like about the movie was some of the scenes of soldiers acting all gung-ho about going off to fight with music in their head phones. This upsets me #1 cause it is VERY unprofessional, and #2 listening to music is the LAST thing you should be worried about in Combat. I remember MP units we went on raids with would be listening to music on the radio. This really pissed alot of us Infantryman off cause they were supposed to be paying attention to what is going on, not listening to some damn music. Situational awareness is PARAMOUNT in a combat environment, and you can't have that with listening to music.

Whether you are pro-Bush, or anti-Bush I would encourage you to see this film. You need to have an open mind and try to understand the way other people feel about this. It is the only way to solve problems in society, is to be open and to discuss and to argue with one another. That is how America is great. Just remember when seeing this film, to take from it with a grain of salt. It is just one side of the story. However, I will admit, that Micheal Moore is VERY gifted at telling his side and regardless of his political views, you must admit he is a damn good artist.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Saudis Deals A Blow To Al-Qaeda

Soon after the murder of an American Hostage in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi authorities quickly tracked down who were responsible and quickly dispatched them. Abdulaziz al-Moqrin was the #1 Al-Qaeda man in Saudi Faisal Abdul-Rahman al-Dikheel was the #2 man and a few other high value targets were killed among them in the fire fight. This is great news that maybe now the Saudis have realized they have a real problem on their hands and better address it. Saudi Arabia had and probably still does have a big problem going on in schools teaching children to hate America and that America is the root of all problems in the world. Now, they have created a monster which is going to be extremely difficult for them to kill. It is almost like a big pet has turned on it's owner. I still think Saudi Arabia should have been a major target in the war on terror. Almost ALL of the high jackers were Saudi and even a big study went into finding out that people in the Saudi royal family do fund Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups hell bent on killing westerners. I hope the Saudi government is finally willing to help in this fight on terror. My feeling is, they have ALOT to prove to me that they don't sponsor terrorism.

Friday, June 18, 2004

20,000 more troops

Congress virtually one sided, with respect of 4 nay votes, have voted for the military to expand it's size to 20,000 troops. Many civilians look at this as something good. However, I am VERY against this. The US military needs to stay small for several reasons. Number one, to keep the military WELL equip. People complain about the bad equipment or shortage of equipment now, it will get even worse with adding more troops and cost a hell of alot more. You can't have a LARGE well trained force, you can only have a small well trained force. If you have sooo many people, it costs way to much to give them good training, food, and good equipment. With a small well trained force, they are very adaptable, intelligent, and very well trained for just about anything. It's a big factor in why we crushed Iraq in 1991 and Afghanistan in 2001. A lighter, much more mobile and very well trained force is my idea of a good fighting machine. We can get the job done, we don't need to lower our standards in the recruiter offices and let unqualified people in the military. There is a reason for this, so we don't get some idiot who is going to get me killed or my buddies killed or who just isn't stable in his or her mind for the challenges. I think Congress are trying to do a good thing, but I believe this is a mistake. At least Congress shows it actually cares about their nation's sons and daughters that have to do all the grunt work in this war on terror.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

America's Deminishing Resolve

To me, it seems alot of the resolve the American people have is starting to run out. After 9-11, everyone was willing to sacrifice almost anything to ensure their safety. Now, people are in like complete denial that Al-Qaeda even remains a threat. Just like Former Mayor Giuliani said the enemy is not each other, the enemy are the terrorists. We Americans need to understand that there is a very serious threat that Al-Qaeda poses and we can not just call it even and quit. How can we live with ourselves if we allow the terrorists to come here and bring down buildings full of men, woman and children who have COMPLETELY NOTHING to do with what is going on politically. It disgusts me to think these terrorists could somehow justify killing completely innocent people. Men and Woman going to their office so they can feed their families. This just makes me sick.

Iraq finally has a President, this is a nice step forward in Iraq, and being away from Iraq, it is a breath of fresh air instead of hearing about all the car bombs. I must admit, I've been becoming victim of the media, and I of all the people should know better than to believe everything the news says. So, I'm trying hard not to do get pessimistic when I read or watch the news.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

A Great American Passes Away & IP Control Cities

We lost a great American yesterday. Former President Ronald Reagan died at the age of 94. Regardless of what your political views are, you still should give credit where credit is due.

Ronald Reagan took office during a very uncertain time in America. Russia had invaded Afghanistan, it was an uncertain time whether Democracy was really stronger than Communism, and the economy was not good. When Reagan left the office, the Soviet Union fell and America had her pride in herself restored. He left a better world for us. He made miscalculations also during his presidency, however, he was human just like any of us. Even Bill Clinton had enormous respect for Ronald Reagan. My family being Irish, and all democrats, didn't like Ronald Reagan, so that passed onto me, until I watch history channel and read about him that I realize all the great accomplishments he made. Rest in Peace Ronald.

IP now take over control of Kufa and Najaf, and US Forces and Militia withdraw from the embattled cities. This is a great development, and shows the Iraqis are capable of carrying the mantle. The US military should just give up on trying to get this lunatic Al-Sadr. The IP are the ones that should arrest this guy. If an Iraqi judge was the one who put a warrant out for Al-Sadr, I think the police need to execute the arrest. Me and my buddies say this is what happens when you send in the military to do a policing job. Our job is to defeat an enemy in combat, not arresting him. If you are going to have soldiers making arrests, expect them to do soldier things. What should be done is just have a police force there, withdraw all military forces, keep them on standby. If the Police get in trouble, send in the military to take care of business. Though, a bunch of Iraqis expressed to me fear of the US leaving before the job was finished. My Good friend Aisa who was one of the guards for a former Iraqi general for the Regime told me he feared the US military leaving Baghdad.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Pistons and Bush Likens War on Terror to WWII

I am from Michigan, so I'm extremely excited the Pistons have finally made it to the finals. I can imagine there must be alot of pride in people back home finally again. The only team we could ever depend on to play well was the Red Wings. They are probably not going to beat the LA Lakers, but at least they made it. Yesterday's game was a big roller coaster, I was really getting very upset at all the poor shooting they were doing. Who knows, maybe they can make a miracle happen and defeat the Lakers. I know most people would like to see underdogs like the Pistons triumph over the Lakers.

Bush in a speech tells a crowd of Air Force cadets likens the War on Terror to World War 2. It is without a doubt he is going to be severely critized by his opposites for stating this. One thing I can tell you is, alot more people in the 1940's STRONGLY supported FDR than Bush, except right after September 11. He is my commander in chief, but I must say World War 2 is nothing like the War on Terror, the same as the War in Vietnam is nothing like the War on Terror. In both wars, we had a clear enemy, the Japanese, Germans, and the NVA. Today, our enemy hides in the shadows of society and comes out to strike at us where we least expect it, and vanish back into those shadows. Many things are the same however, America got attacked, and thus a sleeping giant was awoken. This war though, has not been real for alot of people. In World War 2, everyone did their part. Today, people get on with their lives and sit down in their easy chairs and watch the news and come up with outrageous assumptions that the US military is getting defeated by the militants, when they hear propaganda on television with terrorists and militia claiming victory.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Fighting in Kufa

A small gun battle insues in the city of Kufa. I saw bits and peices of it on TV. 2 Soldiers die, and an estimated 30 or so insurgence killed. The footage looks pretty interesting. I'm not saying i'm a war monger, but ther is just something about having to depend on the men next to you to survive that I miss. That is probably why I would like to go back. For us, it's not about Fighting for America, it's about fighting for one another. It's about the men next to you.

It is about time they finally made a memorial for the greatest generation. The World War 2 memorial is a long overdue symbol of our great appreciation for what the men and women in the 1940s did for us. It's still hard to fathom that the war effected everyone. Those people are real heroes. God Bless them.