Friday, July 01, 2005

Final Note

This is one of my last posts I will put on my blog. I don't intend to convert this blog to a political blog. It will just stay unchanged for a long time for maybe some historian interested in getting information from soldiers from the front has access to my site.

Another blow to the military blog community. A 3 star General approved an "order" that all milbloggers have to tell their chain of command about their blog. This is very unfortunate obviously that alot of people want to see the soldier's side and plus see alot of what is going on that the news cannot and will not cover. I think the news papers do a better job at revealing US military tactics and strategy to insurgents than our blogs could ever do. I, and many other people, even many civilians I know say there shouldn't be any reporters embedded with US troops or that they don't even belong there.