Thursday, May 19, 2005

Moved To Another Place

Besides the fact that I have been very very busy patrolling the streets of Iraq. Our unit also moved to another location, so only now have I got the chance to write in my blog. Not much has been going on, although some Iraqis grew some big balls and were shooting mortars off in a location just a few blocks from us. Their target was a nearby American base. We took off after them, but they got away before we saw them. It was a tough break. Hopefully we will get them next time.

I love rolling around in the Hmmwv with a .50 cal machine gun in the turret. It is the most satisfying sound in the world to hear that thing going off in a fire fight. Just because there is no place for the enemy to hide from that gun. I really like the M240 too, but the I think the .50 cal should be set as the standard weapon every patrol has to have. One thing guerilla warfare taught us in Vietnam is when you bump into the enemy or get caught in an ambush, firepower is key to getting out alive.

500+ Iraqis are dead at the hands of insurgents and terrorists. All deliberately targeted, trying to destabilize the country. It is sad to see this, when I know in my own country. Americans would NOT stand for this type of thing happening in our own country.