Thursday, May 12, 2005

Innocent Victims of Insurgents

Yesterday an car bomb went off in our area. The target was one of the Bradley's patrolling around the area. Unfortunately, this was an indiscriminate attack. 4 innocent bystanders were hurt and another guy was practically vaporized. Somehow Al-Jazeera was in the area before it happened. I wonder how that could have happened? Fucking terrorists are giving tips to these assholes, so they can be on the spot when it happens.

Not much has been going on. The work schedule has become ALOT less crazy. I am not getting about 1 day on, and 1 day off. We still work longer hours then we were originally told we would be working. We joke about that sometimes. It's funny how you can get used to working 12 hours everyday of the week no break. Thankfully, I finally got time to get to post once in awhile and to talk to my family. They worry about me all the time, especially when something bad happens and they hear about it on the news.