Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bad Ideas

Not much has been going on for me. I have been doing pretty good. However, having to stand out in full battle rattle for 4 hours at a time checking ID cards and searching Hajjis all day in 90+ degree heat sucks. Since we are an Infantryman, I don't get to work with women very often. Almost never, so this job has it's own perks. You get to see some of the hot officers and sometimes a few good looking female interpreters. Can't really say anything to them... SEXUAL HARASSMENT. There aren't very many attractive women in the Army, so sometimes you gotta look hard. Some guys get bored and just count the number of attractive service women they see. It also makes me laugh when I remember the saying Colonel Nathan Jessup from A Few Good Men says "There is nothing on this earth sexier, than a woman that you have to salute in the morning." It was a funny quote, but I don't really believe it.

A Bradley fighting vehicle caught on fire a few mornings ago while inside the camp. I don't know much about it. The crew had to run from the vehicle because the ammunition started to cook off. I was sleeping during the time, but I remember when an explosion shook my room.

The heat is coming. It touched 91 degrees yesterday, and feels just as hot today. The sad thing is..... THIS ISN'T EVEN HOT. Before we leave sometime this summer, we can expect it to reach 120 degrees maybe even 130 degrees. In the body armor, it seems like it is 10 degrees hotter inside than outside of the body armor. I can see wearing body armor and full battle rattle outside of the camp. Inside? a secured zone where it is pretty safe. I hate this crap where the brass makes up all these stupid rules so they can just cover their own ass. That way if something goes wrong, they just say "Well, it's not our fault." It's easy for them because they are in an air conditioned room the whole day and it probably even seems cold for them. Except for us who are in a rediculous uniform for being inside the camp when no one else is in that uniform inside the camp except the guards of the different facilities. They must want to have some heat casualties. I am in the Army, so obviously no one is surprised, because if you've been in the military for more than 2 days, you know of all the stupid rules that don't make sense that these guys sit around and come up with.