Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

We have been pretty busy lately. That is why I have not been able to really update this site. I have a hard enough time as it is just writing letters to my family.

The weather is pretty nice now. About a high 60 low 70 average. That will change once April comes around. Then it will start to warm up alot more. I dread the thought of wearing body armor and everything else during the hot months. When it will be at a 120-130 average. ALOT of water will have to be consumed in order to not get dehydrated or sun stroke during that time.

The other day, we had detonations by EOD to blow up weapons caches they found. Wouldn't you know it? pretty close to the road, and by the way, no one warned us of that like they're supposed to. So while we were by the area, KA-BOOM!, KA-BOOM!, KA-BOOM!, KA-BOOM. It must have been a huge find in order to use that much explosives. We thought a nearby unit was getting hit with IEDs. It was very loud and we could definitely feel the concussion even though we were about 300-400 meters away and saw smoke plumes quickly rise from where they exploded it all. A few Bradley's drove by right when this happened. They must not have gotten the word either because they were scanning all around for someone to shoot. Then, a minute later after trying to figure out what happened, they finally told us after the fact that EOD was blowing shit up.

Not much has been going on. Just the usual we have been doing. Which I am not really allowed to say what that is. The crackdown on military blogs is thanks for that.