Sunday, March 06, 2005

Very Busy

We have been very very busy going out and conducting patrols through our area in Iraq. The kid still wave at us and give us thumps up. They even put on sunglasses that were handed to them previously by US Soldiers to look cool in front of us.

A few nights ago was my first time since being here a second time we were attacked. We stopped in a neighborhood asking people if they've been hearing and loud booms or saw anything. Next thing you know, about 15 minutes later while we were still there, a mortar lands about 100 meters from our position. A very lucky shot or a good one. It was way too close for comfort. It just exploded in the alley in next to us. I ducked immediately, my heart was pounding really hard. We finally took off, and my nervousness went away and became anger. I wanted to find out whoever did that. A few guys have already hit some IEDs and been shot at, but no one has been hurt.

It is very sad to go around in neighborhoods and talk to Iraqis that are terrified of helping us because they have Sunnis in their neighborhood watching what everyone does. Some people do help us, but it is kept really discreet, and they are always really nervous. This could be a great country if it weren't for these bastards. For their safety I wont get much into that. We've had alot of co-operating though.

When I got to be a driver on one of the recent patrols. I was scaring everyone in my vehicle because they kept thinking we were gonna hit everyone. I felt like I was in completely control the whole time, however, I can't blame them. I was flying through traffic and clogged up streets with cars. From my last deployment, I've learned speed is life.