Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami & Mosul Under Resistance Control

An unfathomable tragedy happened on a biblical scale. 110,000 and still counting have passed away due to this horrible event. I remember looking at some of the footage and being horrified as if I was watching a horror movie. Something like that would turn very brave men into cowards. It has even been stated that the numbers will probably reach higher and could double from disease alone. Now they are calling it Asia's version of 9/11. I just want to send my deepest sympathy to the people that have suffered from this event.
Mosul it seems has become the new Fallujah. It is apparent large portions of the city is under control of enemy forces in Mosul. So, now we are back to square one. There was recently a battle fought to take back Mosul, and it was a spectacular military success. However, due to the fact these people can blend in with the crowd they can easily slip back into society and cause trouble. That is the frustrating thing about this whole war. They have no chance in a military confrontation with us, but they just sneak back in when the dust settles and a bunch of the idiots that wanted to make a last stand are all dead. I remember when i was in Iraq, and the war ended. I had a good conversation with a guy. He said "Yeah, all the stupid ones. They're all dead now. The ones that tried to fight. All those stupid ones are dead now. Now, all that is left is the smart ones. Those are the ones we have to worry about." I think if the USA is SERIOUS about winning this war, we must grab our balls and conduct it in the necessary manner. Find out where most of them are hiding. Give no warning they we are coming with military power. This will trap them they wont be able to run, and we quickly end it now. We will also need a troop increase of at least 100,000 to be able to do this on multiple fronts. Probably the biggest problem in all this is lack of Infantryman to do the fighting. The whole Army doesn't have many trigger pullers compared to the size of the rest of it. Most military in Iraq aren't Infantry, mostly other jobs in the Army are there. No resistance has been defeated by trying to win hearts and minds at the same time. I fear this hearts and minds non-sense is setting us up for failure. We should crush this enemy now, and win hearts and minds later.