Thursday, October 28, 2004

Terrorists Strike Again

More Iraqi soldiers have been taken hostage and killed. Except this time a different terrorist group claimed responsibility. This is pretty sad, because we've helped to train some of these guys. It is really frustrating to know that someone has to be doing an inside job on this. I think it is time for the Iraqi Army to probably be able to move around even off duty with fire arms. The killing of the nearly 50 Iraqi soldiers really made me sick. There is so much hate in these people, that they would even desecrate the bodies of the fallen. These guys are not soldiers, they are not warriors, they are terrorists and animals. Soldiers do not behave in such a disgusting manner. I went into my buddies room while he was looking at the article online and I commented "I would love to be the guy who busts a cap in his ass" referring to Zarqawi.

The other day we got to do some MORE training for urban warfare. This time with modified M4 assault rifles that fire "sim rounds." Which are basically paint balls that look like bullets. We got to do that all day and night, it was alot of fun. We recommended that we need to do it some more. Hopefully it will happen soon. Alot of our guns are now dead-lined. We had civilian armorer's come in and inspect all of our machine guns and assault rifles. Approximatly 80% of the were put on deadline. Meaning they cannot be fired until they are fixed. They said alot of the barrels were no good and needed new ones. Our own armorer's are talented enough to keep the guns up and running, but the better trained civilian weapon experts saw alot of flaws that our guys could not see. So, at least all of our guns will be in top condition when we go back to Iraq.