Thursday, October 21, 2004

Going back to the 'Raq

Yesterday we received the news we already knew that was coming. Our Battalion commander that is training our two companies while the rest is away, has told us that we have received official orders to go back to Iraq. The time we are to re-deploy to Iraq is coming up pretty soon. For OPSEC reasons obviously, I can't say when, where, or what we are going to do when we get there. The bad thing is, it's my birthday today, and my family don't even know about it yet. They don't even know how I'm now stopped loss and wont be able leave the Army the actual date my enlist ends, which is in March. I don't know if telling my family on my birthday that I have going back to Iraq soon is such a good idea.

My current feeling about going back is that I don't even think about it. I just set it aside and do other stuff. I learned from last time about how you shouldn't get all into rumors and getting all anxious and wanting to go. So, now I have to tell other cherries, FNGs, or new guys, whatever you want to call them. That they need to not worry about anything, we'll take care of them, and if they are anxious to go over there. We older guys set them straight that going to combat is nothing to be excited about. I don't feel worried about going back, we are a very highly trained unit. Most of the new guys have been braught up to par with training in a urban environment. I have every bit of confidence in these guys. So, we just watch their back, and they'll watch ours. That's the thing that is so damn cool about being in the military, is your life is in the hands of another man, and his life is in your hands. There is no bond you will find in the world where two people who haven't been to combat will be that close to one another. These guys are like my brothers, they are my family. I've bled with them in battle, and like the saying goes that he who sheds his blood today with me is my brother. That's probably the biggest reason I joined the Army.