Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Insurgents or Terrorists?

I for one am getting tired of new organizations sugar coating the name of these ruthless barbarians. Why do they call these groups conducting suicide bombing and killing hostages insurgents? Why don't they just call them what they are? Terrorists plain and simple. Lets forget about the whole argument about whether there were terrorists in Iraq before the war. There seems to be a real fundamental problem in the middle east. These people frustrate the hell out of me, it's like they want to live in the dark ages. Al-Jazeera is very guilty I think of trying to glamorize this terrible movement going on inside Iraq. Other news organizations need to grab their balls and not worry about controversy and call these animals what they really are. I also think it is shameful for people to use the argument these people have the right to resist. Since when is Resistance setting up a check point, kidding napping everyday normal Iraqis and then forcing them to dig their own graves and then executing them. Since when is Resistance putting a thousand pounds of explosives in a car and blowing yourself up in a crowd hoping to kill as many people as possible resistance? Since when is holding hostages for a complete false reason like women being in US guarded prisons resistance? This really upsets me about people, because they are against the war, they can't see past how wrong and horrible these acts of terrorism is. If you call this resistance, I think you need to get your head examined, because all of these is painfully obvious to terrorize Iraqis and stop the political process going on in Iraq. It is so ignorant that people can sit there and say they have the right to resist. How the hell can you call this terrorism resistance????? These people are Terrorists, they are not "insurgents" or "freedom fighters" or any other kinds of words used to glamorize them, they are TERRORISTS plain and simple.