Tuesday, August 10, 2004

EIB Starts Again

The EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) course has been re-opened. Last time it was cancelled because the Brigade got orders to go to Iraq a few months after we arrived back in the States from being in Iraq. So, while the Brigade is gone, another Brigade that just returned from action overseas is now starting up it's own EIB and they have allowed our company to participate in it. So, now we have to do all the pre-reqs again. So, we have to do the 12 mile road march in under 3 hours with about 50-60 pounds of gear, which I'm more than confident I can do. I am defiantly not looking forward to it though. We all must qualify expert with our weapons, which we have already done. Today we are doing Land navigation. After that, then all we need to do is score high on the Physical fitness test and do the road march and we'll be done with all the pre-reqs. I can't wait to be done with all this bullshit.

Muqtada al-Sadr is again being defiant. Saying he wont quit until the very last drop of his blood had been spilt. In a week or two he will probably come out and say he wants a truce. It anoyys me how easily we could kill the guy. We could easily have a spy in his mosque and could just drop a few cruise missiles on him, and that would be that, but we don't. I wish our government would really let us get on with the job. We could easily crush them if we were told to.