Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ignorant People

Today I took the trouble of going to a politics chat room on the Internet. This one seemed to have alot of people who do not live in America or are just plain ignorant. Now, it's one thing to dislike a politician, but it's quite another to sit there and call the United States a fascist regime. I told the people inside I was a United States soldier who served in OIF from march 03 to march 04. They started with asking me really dumb questions like "it must feel good to kill people who were no threat to you." I couldn't help BUT laugh at these morons who are so ignorant. It is really sad that people are so out of touch with reality. Sure, maybe Bush is a scum bag to many people, but that doesn't mean we are a fascist government.

More than 100 Iraqi civilians die at the hands of the "glorious" resistance. This is totally crazy that also people in the chat room I was in, some of them were supporters of the resistance. This really really REALLY REALLY got me extremely pissed off. Anytime someone would say that when an American got killed I wanted to strangle them and beat them to a bloody pulp. The military is like a family. Those brave men and woman over there are my brothers and sisters. Yet, the ignorant people don't understand that when I want to go over there when people Americans die. It's deeply personal to me.