Thursday, July 08, 2004

4 US Soldiers and 1 Iraqi Soldier killed

In another town which many people don't know about. Samarra, there was a mortar attack on a National Guard headquarters in the central part of the city. 4 US soldiers and 1 Iraqi soldier were killed. 20 US troops and 3 Iraqi soldiers were wounded. The attacked forced the headquarters to collapse.

Wow, this is very interesting. The Iraqi mortar fire is usually inaccurate and no one usually gets hurt. My bet is, they insurgents kept walking to mortars in till it hit target. Then again, that should have given the soldiers time to seek cover, but it seems like that didn't happen. Soon after the attack, radar that detected the point at which the mortars came from, quickly retaliated with 4 120mm rounds. I've talked about the system that detects incoming RPGs, Mortars and Rockets and can instantly calculate the exact point from which they came and give the exact co-ordinance to fire back at. A few times we retaliated we were lucky enough to kill some of the culprits. Maybe the radar thing wasn't secret, but I kept quiet about it just in case. Hopefully they nailed the bastards that carried this out.

A new Blog has been opened up. It is in my links called "my war." He calls himself CBFTW. He is a machine gunner for the US Army Infantry who IS currently serving in Iraq. Everyone go check out his site and give him support.