Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Bush's Speech

Well, I was finishing training for the day, while President Bush gave his address to the nation about Iraq. I saw bits and pieces on the news though. They highlighted some good things he said though. It seemed like he was speaking from the heart. One thing I admire about Bush is his resolve. Even if the decision he makes brings a flood of criticism, he still does what HE thinks is right. Which is what a leader does. A leader does not make a decision and then changes it after getting many people upset. A leader follows his instincts and stands by his decisions 100% because he believes it is the right thing. Will I vote for Bush? Do I think he is a good President? That is something I will not discuss. For one, it's highly unprofessional of a soldier to criticize someone in his chain of command, and yes, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is in my chain of command. What Kerry did was a disgrace in my opinion, to be anti-war while he was in the military. I'm not pro war, I think war is bad, but just because citizens may get caught in the crossfire, doesn't mean it is not unjust. I also get really offended when people have the nerve to call the US occupation of Iraq as brutal, especially since I was there for a year and didn't notice any of this brutality, and I'm am Infantryman, having done dozens of raids I haven't seen anything remotely close to Americans shooting innocent people on purpose or treating the Iraqi people like crap. We all want to come home. We also understand, we have a job to do. We don't enjoy being in a foreign country away from our families. However, we have a job to do. I would rather be taking the to fight the enemy terrorists in their own land, than fighting it back home. People say there are no terrorists in Iraq, well they obviously are assuming things. I've been there, I've apprehended people with Al-Qaeda connections and actually been around when we questioned a few captured people from Eygpt and other places saying they came to Iraq to kill Americans. I tell ya, I would have LOVED to beat the living day lights out of that guy, but that never happened. There have probably been some big mistakes in Iraq, that isn't for me to decide, but all hope is not lost. I think over time, Iraqis will stabilize their country and be a free republic. I don't have much hope for it's future though. I believe the government will eventually will be overthrown by some kind of Syrian backed or Iranian backed party that may take over power. It is too big for all those surrounding nations to resist.

Israel is digging itself deep in a hole. They destroyed several homes and killed dozens of people, withdrew and claimed a victory over the "terrorists." This kind of made me laugh. What makes me laugh even more is the Arabs trying to say they aren't Anti-Semitic, but I wont get into that. Israel needs to back off and try diplomatic solutions for change. I think people dieing over religious territory is really non-sense. I think the Jerusalem should become an international city. Maybe that may stop all this arguing about who gets what. I don't like Sharon in all honesty, but I agree that Israel has every right to defend herself from attackers. Israel has become really extremely efficient at stopping suicide bombers from entering thier country lately. However, I don't really agree with this bulldozing houses to punish everyone. I mean, it gives incentive for people to rat out anyone they think is a militant so Israel doesn't come and bulldoze their houses. There has got to be a better solution to this though.