Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Fallujah's Struggling Cease-Fire

More planes bomb insurgent positions and recently a big firefight between insurgence and US Marines take place. All this, during a supposed truce between the forces. I don't believe this truce is going to hold up, but than again, I doubt most people really believe it will hold up either. Considering the willingness of the insurgence to put innocent life in harms way, I don't see how anyone could believe they will put down their weapons. I hope this can be solved, and we can finally go back to rebuilding the nation and finally bring our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters home.

Just in the recent days, we started to do EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) training. The first day, we did day and night land navigation, from which I got numerous scratches from rose bushes and all types of other vegetation that you can't see at night. Today, we did the "lanes" which are a bunch of little tasks you have to do in a certain order in a given amount of time. Such as, setting up a claymore or putting together a .50 caliber machine gun. There are dozens of these different tasks you have to do. The best one we practiced for today I think was calling for indirect fire (mortars, artillery) to hit a certain target. It seemed complicated at first, until you get the formula down and it is extremely easy, you just gotta practice alittle bit and you can have indirect hitting a designated target in seconds. In a couple of weeks of practice, we will finally do our test. I am going to study for this like studying for the final exam at school which you ride on for passing, I really want this EIB so I dont have to suffer through the agonizing 12 mile road march you must complete in 3 hours with about 70 pounds total of gear you are carrying.