Sunday, March 21, 2004


It is pretty obvious the attackers are shifting their targets from military to civilians targets. Obviously, the reason is, the only thing suicide bombers have been successful at when attacking a military compound is resulting in a loud bang and a few innocent bystanders dead and no damage done to the compound. This is due to the American military being very efficient at keeping bad guys out of their compounds. So, the next best thing is to blow up a hotel full of completely innocent people. I for one, wish they would continue to attack us. Then we could eliminate this much sooner. I can't for the life of me, see how killing innocent people is glorious and will put you in heaven with 72 virgins. I don't see these suicide bombers as anything less then deranged serial killers. Even those incidents where car bombs go off remotely, they are just as bad. I know the majority of Iraqis want peace and are getting sick of all the killing, but from here it looks like they are doing nothing. I know if in New York or anywhere else in the USA, once suicide bombings started, I KNOW for a fact the American people would demand that it be stopped, and that it wouldn't take long to solve the problem. While in Iraq, we would get all kinds of Iraqis turning in their brothers or good friends who were Ba'athists carrying out attacks. We asked them if they were doing it for their money, they would shake their head and sometimes say "I am doing it for my Iraq." There are many who are helping to fight this, but it just seems sometimes it will never end. But, I have to be strong and so does everyone else. All Spain accomplished by saying they are going to pull out, was giving the terrorists a glimmer of hope that maybe they are chipping away at our resolve. This is going to make things even harder to cool down. One of the reasons why I like Bush is his take-no-crap policy. It's about time the USA grabbed it's balls and instead of trying to please everyone else, is doing what she needs to defend herself. I don't necessarily agree with how the country is doing, but I do strongly agree we must defend ourselves. Nothing was done about the many terrorist attacks that had happened in the past. Except with Libya, and when we responded to them, the problems stopped. The War on Terror isn't about Bush and Blair. It's about the world making a stand against terrorism. It's about sacrifice to a cause that is greater than yourself. People have already forgotten the painful lessons of 9/11.