Saturday, February 21, 2004

Accident Discharge

Yesterday we had a very bad accident at one of the guard posts. A guy had an accident discharge with his weapon. The bullet went into the foot of his buddy. Every now and then you can hear AK-47s go off at night because the locals shoot at dogs. So, when this happened last night, we heard a shot and then what sounded like a dog yipping. So, I said to my friend "oh looks like they're shooting dogs again." Then over the radio a guy who sounded panicked and said he had an AD and one of the guys was hit. Immediately which they had some medics assist the poor guy. He turned out to be ok, but it was a mess. There was a hole in the ground where the bullets hit and blood splattered on the ground. The wound was said to be the size of a acorn. Now, he will be relaxing in a tent the whole time till we leave to make sure it won't get infected. The feel sorry for the guy that accedently shot him, he must feel really bad about himself now. He is a really good guy, and we all know it wasn't on purpose.

Turns out the wire was just a false alarm and not an IED.

Today we had a 6 mile road march. Carrying 40 pound rucksacks. I completed it in 1 HR 14 minutes. One group of guys finished it in 1 hour, which was really hauling ass. After the road march i was drenched in sweat and it seemed to have helped my cold alot. I don't really have any pain in my throat anymore, just coughing up fleam and sneezing. We did the road march to build our bodies up for the EIB (Expert Infantry Badge). That will be a 12 mile road march that has to be done in 3 hours. We all did excellent for not humping (marching) for a whole year. Our Platoon Sergeant was very very pleased with us today.