Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Counter-Attack in Iraq

Yesterday we got attacked by some kind of missile system. Shortly after, you could hear several more explosions. Immediately, over the radio they said to ignore the second volly of explosions because it was a counter-barraige against the attackers. The counter-attack took place within 1 minute of the attack. Later on, QRF was organized and immediately dispatched toward the area. What they found was a few dead Iraqis and a home made missile tube for launching missiles. They think others were wounded and got away in a truck or some kind of vehicle. While I was on leave, apparently this happened before where they used a counter-attack fire mission and messed up some insurgents pretty bad. It feels good when you can react to stuff like this, becuase you don't feel helpless.

I have also come to the realization that in fact, an apology was not nessesary in my previous post about the IP station attack. In no way did I insult those who died. My whole point was that it is frusterating when things like this happens because it can easily be used for propaganda and recuiting by the terrorist groups. I am sorry for what happened to the IP that day, but also I remind people that they turned down an offer for assistance by the 82nd Airborne. It is inspiring to think of the IP and other security forces stepping up to the plate. On the other hand, this small victory will also inspire more attacks like these in the future. It is a rediculous to point blame at the US Army for the lack of firepower the IP had. In Iraq, all IP have AK-47s. That is a sufficiant weapon for self defense. I hope people don't think we should start arming them with .50 caliber machine guns and AT-4 light anti-tank weapons.

I am no longer going to tolerate people who are sitting back home in their easy chairs and drinking beers trying to explain to me how the situation is in Iraq. I will no longer tolerate them telling me how to do my job. I will no longer tolerate them trolling. You can try and hide behind the freedom of speech all you like. However, being on the internet and getting on here and discussing the topics I post is a PRIVILAGE, it is NOT A RIGHT. If you don't like what I post, you don't need to even be reading what I write.