Thursday, February 05, 2004

Iraqi Kids

We are in a tower right on the perimeter wall. There, During the day we get many local Iraqi kids in the surrounding area who come over and pester us all day from the other side of the wall. They always ask for bread, candy, or Sherbert. They call Gator aide, Sherbert for some reason. We always bring MREs up with us and throw some of the stuff to the kids. We even got them to start sharing with one another. My friend threw out some Apricots yesterday and told them to share. So, one of the Iraqi kids who picked up the bag, started handing them out to all his friends. Also, they ALWAYS ask for batteries for their little CD players that the teenagers and older guys have. However, batteries are kind of hard to come by over here. We had some guy named Omar come over and offer to sell us a whole Chicken and some Wine or Whiskey. However, we had neither the money to buy the Chicken with us or even allowed to have any Alcohol. My friend had baught the Chicken from the guy before though, and said it was really good. So, maybe I will do that once I get some money. Though, I don't know how he will be able to toss a whole chicken over this 10 foot wall. My friend said he had no problem in getting over the wall. This is the first time I've had interaction with the local populace in awhile. Also, yesterday 2 Iraqi guys in their 20's were just outside the wall and reading a naughty magazine. They showed it to us and said "very good, mister!" and asked if we had any we could sell them. One of the guys even made a gesture of humping the magazine. Me and my friend in the tower just laughed, because alot of people back home see these people as religiously fanatical and most seem alot like ordinary people you would meet home. We just told him our friends coming to take over for us might have some more naughty magazines.

Late last night while on Guard about 3000 feet away we could see alot of tracers and herd a TON of automatic fire. We immediately reported it over the radio. Alittle while later, they reported that a patrol from the 82nd Airborne had made contact with small arms fire. No reports of casualties or anything. Apparently, they went to go check out a house. The people who were staying there had left before the 82nd even arrived. So, as the 82nd was leaving after checking the place out, they returned and started shooting. The 82nd returned fire as the group were fleeing the scene. Nothing else happened that night. We got attacked again the night before, making it 5 days in a row, and again, no one got hurt. However, yesterday there were no attacks. I just probably jinxed myself by saying that.