Friday, January 23, 2004

Politics and the Military

Sorry for all those people who keep visiting my site and haven't seen really hardly any updates. I am just home, and my life is pretty boring here. The only thing I can really talk about is what is on the news.

First off, I don't know why people bring their political ideology here. My site is about my experiences in Iraq and experiences of others. Also, to see how I feel about it and see things through the eyes of an American soldier in Iraq. I don't talk about politics because the US military is an Apolitical organization. We are not the CIA or NSA. We are not brainwashed zombies. We aren't put in classrooms being taught the greatness of democracy and America. We live normal lives just like anyone else. We are just here to do a job. Some may not believe in the merits of why we are there, but we put that aside and still get the job done. People's lives are at stake, and we have to focus on our task at hand.

As my time in Iraq draws to a close. I find out that my Girlfriend who is also in the Army stationed in the USA. Will soon be leaving for Iraq. This is actually kind of hard for me since I never really got to see her much before the war, and only just now starting to catch up before I go back for alittle bit before coming back. She should be going before I even get back. This is really hard on a relationship, but we are both strong and I think we will get through this. However, I worry about her, I really don't want her to goto Iraq after all that I've had happen around me. She is well trained, and so are her buddies but it still worries me alot that she is going.