Saturday, January 17, 2004

Person of the Year

I just finally got around to reading Time's Person of the Year, the American Soldier. I thought it was a really good article. I felt really sad in alot of the parts and had a hard time reading what they wrote. Maybe because I can relate to alot of what was wrote about this one unit. I've been in many of those places that were talked about, so that also kind of felt weird to just read all that stuff. My buddy who staying in around that area. He told me about a time when they got hit really hard by mortars and automatic fire one night. He also added that a little convoy of 1st AD hmmwvs went around looking for the attackers and said one of their guys got hit with shrapnel in the left eye just under his helmet and died. He also said it was an lieutenant. I think maybe he was talking about the guy in the magazine they said who died. Not only that, he told me this a month and a half before the magazine even came out. You'd be surprised how small the military is. I've seen 3 guys I graduated in Basic with in Iraq and were in completely different divisions. I can remember going on a few raids with 1st AD Field Artillery helping us with setting up a defensive perimeter while we assaulted the objective.