Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Celebration at our Station

Last night from about 5:30pm to 10pm, outside the main gate to our little base. A group of Iraqis started gathering with AK-47 assault rifles. It came over the radio that there were shots fired. Then, the soldiers manning the gate reported over the radio that it sounded like a fire fight was going on outside the "wire". They mentioned about the first burst of automatic fire and started hearing alot more gun fire. They reported this and said they believe it was a fire fight because of the sporadic gunfire. They could not see what was going on because there was a massive 14 foot wall they are behind. So, we all thought a fire fight was going on, till a small convoy went through the main gate and told them what was going on a minute after the shooting started. The group of hundreds of Iraqis that gathered there was said to be about 200 meters outside the main gate. They also said it was celebratory fire, and nothing to worry about. Even so, higher ordered us to be extremely vigilant. So, finally I got to see some celebratory fire, which I had not seen since July 22nd. However, it is a date late since they captured Saddam, maybe they were waiting to first see the mother of all mug shots. I think it was a planned demonstration Saddam, thought that is just speculation. The party in downtown Baghdad must have been a real sight to see though, I wish I was there.

After Uday and Qusay were reported killed by US Forces. I felt really really good that day after seeing the people's reaction. This time, I was not all that surprised and happy for some reason. Maybe, because I know this will not stop the terrorists from killing innocent Iraqis, or because I was not in the streets to see all the happy Iraqis. Now, I think Osama Bin Laden is really shaking in his boots. This guy was a hero to many fundamentalists. His embarrassing capture has to be an enormous blow and shock to their morale. Everyone is anticipating a backlash from the terrorists. It will be an act of desperation on their part. Everyone knows it, just like when they Ba'ath party called for civil disobedience, hardly any Iraqis took them seriously.

Personally, I don't see the terrorists being able to keep this up. Killing Iraqi civilians is just one sign of their desperation. Many Iraqis are being very co-operative with the CPA in capturing foreign terrorists and Fedayeen. Though you won't hear hardly anything about this on TV.