Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam Captured!

This is some really good news. Saddam has finally been captured. This is an enormous blow for the terrorists in Iraq and the Fedayeen who like to chant "Long live Saddam" on the news to show off.

Just thought I would note that after Uday and Qusay were killed. I was in the residential area in Baghdad. The news came just when the sun was coming down on TV. I was outside in full battle rattle and one of the Iraqi guards came up to me just as he arrived for his shift. He told me in broken english that Uday and Qusay were dead. Then he took his AK-47 and pointed in the air and pretended as if he was firing it in celebration. I had to go on the roof soon after and do guard for awhile. I saw tracers flying all over in the distance for alittle while. Then, Iraqis ALL over the place were shooting their weapons into the air in celebration. At one point, for 5 minutes, all you could hear is gun fire. Honestly, Baghdad looked like the video clips of all the tracers flying in the air during the air raids in the first gulf war. When I later went down onto the streets, Iraqis started hugging me and shaking my hand and thanking me and other soldiers. It felt so good to be an American soldier than, because you really felt like you were apart of something greater than yourself. I was so proud.

Now, I am not longer in the residential area. I probably won't see ANY of the celebration. However, I do know it will be a hell of a show. I'm sure the news won't talk about it much though. Just like after Uday and Qusay died. They hardly mentioned all the celebration at all in the news, that really pissed me off. The Iraqi people won't be afraid anymore, I think they'll finally stand up and fight against the Fedayeen. This is definitely a serious blow to the terrorists morale. I doubt the terrorism will stop, but it will make an impact on how they think. I think the Iraqis will also be more bold in helping to put a stop to the terrorists and Fedayeen.