Thursday, December 04, 2003

1000 Member Anti-terror Militia

I just heard the CPA will be establishing a anti-terror militia with approximately 1000 member total. Their task will be to find foreign terrorist cells (Al-qaeda & Ansar Al Islam) and domestic terror cells (Fedayeen) and demolish them.

This is a step in the right direction for Iraqis to finally assume control of their own destiny. The militia will be operating independently of the CPA.

A good friend of mine, an Iraqi named Zeyad (No, he is not a dentist) who also lived in Great Britain. He and I always had discussions about the security situation. He always said the CPA needs to take a rest and let the Iraqis take over security. His argument was no one knows Iraq and Iraqis better than Iraqis. They would be much better at spotting foreigners and bad Iraqis than the CPA. Plus, they all know the customs of this country.

Sadly, I probably will never see Zeyad or any of the other Iraqi friends I made over here. However, the logic in what Zeyad told me really made sense. So, I think this is a positive move to getting Iraqis ready to controls their own destiny.