Sunday, November 02, 2003

Possabily Last Post

Since I am leaving soon, and uncertain if I'll be able to write again. I figured I would go out with a bang and put up a big post for people to read. So, I just thought I would write about what I think of Iraq and some of my experiences I would like to share.

First, I would like to state, though I'm sure you can already tell. That I have a optimistic view of Iraq. I think Iraq has the potential to be a really great nation in the middle east. They were before, such as before Saddam, when the Dinar used to equal 3 US dollars. Iraqis have told me Saddam didn't care at all for the Iraqi people, and only cared about his family. I have even been told of a really horrific event that happened after the first Gulf War. Saddam had some 200,000 people killed. Those are the resistance fighters and all their families that got cleaned out too. However, some 5000 children somehow survived this onslaught. Saddam figured 5000 children would cost too much money to feed them. So, his solution was to have them all buried alive. 5000 children were buried alive because he cared more about his income than of these poor children. I not only hear this from one Iraqi, but from many many Iraqis that I have talked to.

On a lighter note, before the regime fell. There was a particular road and river that the regime stated was for regime personal only. If you were an Iraqi caught anywhere near these places, you would be shot and killed. After the regime fell, you could spot Iraqis down by the shore of this river and just staring for a long time. Just because they were never able to before. Also, many Iraqis would drive up and down this road because they never could. We told a few Iraqis about what it was like in America. They were awe struck at what we told them about our government. That you could actually go into the White House and tour around and see where the President actually lives. Not only that, what really made their jaws drop was that you could go to the US Capital or any Capital and talk to the elected officials. They were so amazed by the fact that we had the freedom to do this, even if we had to be checked for weapons. They just couldn't believe stuff like that was possible. At that moment, I really felt proud to be an American and proud to have liberated Iraq.

Just about every night, you can hear gun shots and see tracers flying in the air or hear faint explosions. But lately, we've had a bunch of attacks in the last few weeks. The other day there was a little gun fight between Iraqis. It was probably a thief though. Mortars have hit different position occupied by Americans. However, the Iraqis are terrible shots and terrible with any kind of weapon, so mortars are usually off target and don't hurt anyone. Same with many ambushes on Americans where they managed to hit everything expect for their intended targets. Alot of the times Americans kill or capture the attackers. You wont ever hear about this stuff in the news, probably because they think the world ought to know just about how big of a failure Iraq is and how we are losing the hearts of Iraqis. Plus, we are FLOWING with Iraqis coming up to us and giving us information on these resistance groups. Alot of these people are being arrested. Though, with all these big successes we've had, there is still much more to do. I don't see Iraq becoming stable for awhile now. I think eventually it will get there, most Iraqis are getting sick of the attackers. And talking to humanitarian aid workers, we've been told that Iraqis are upset that they are seeing less and less American patrols going through town. It is a relief for some of them to see that we are still here.

I have made many Iraqi friends and I even have given a few of them my mailing address so they could still talk to me. For the most part, they are good people and like America and appreciate us getting rid of Saddam and bringing them democracy and a chance for a much better future. However, I do feel doubt sometimes if this place will get better. I wont sit here and pretend that this is a really great place. It still has ALOT more to go before it can be a great nation. I wonder to myself sometimes if we did the right thing. I constantly am in a battle with myself on many of these issues. Wether it be, will Iraq get better or do the Iraqis really appreciate this. I have even sometimes felt hate for the Iraqi people after hearing a friend got injured or hearing about other times when Americans have died. I sometimes think we should just leave these people and worry about our own country. But, we can't do that now, that is just what the enemy want us to do. We can't leave now, and in these times where I doubt myself I think of all the people here who need us to stay and be strong. I am always able to see many rays of hope. I think Iraq can be a great nation and it probably will, but it's hard to believe that sometimes.

I enjoy doing this job, I actually feel like i'm making a real difference. Though, sometimes it's not always like that. However, for the most part, I am optimistic and think Iraq will become a better place. It is just a small group that don't want it and hate being out of power. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog. I just wanted to let people see what it was like through my eyes. I hope you all have learned alittle more about yourself, me, and Iraq because of it. God Bless you all, America and a free Iraq.