Sunday, October 26, 2003

Some Baathist Iraqi Police

This is kind of funny, I was talking to some guys who came by from the 82nd Airborne who are also deployed to Iraq. I was told about this time they worked with Military Police. As they were driving around the city they spotted an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). They had to lock down the neighborhood immediately and have EOD (explosive experts) come and disarm the bomb. While they had stopped all traffic going in and out, all of a sudden a IP (Iraqi Police) car quickly drove up to the IED and the officer quickly got out of his cruiser and grabbed the IED and put it in the car and quickly drove off. They were all kinda stunned to see this and didn't do anything to stop the IP from getting away. Personally, I would have given a few warning shots and just lit the car up, or blow out it's tires and then chase him but it was really dumb to not have done anything and let him get away. So now that has got me thinking that there are probably some bad apples in the police that might be setting up IEDs.