Saturday, October 25, 2003

About Me

People have been starting to ask more about me and what my job over here in Iraq is. So I’ll explain, I’m a Infantryman (aka Grunt or Trigger Puller) in the United States Army. My job here in Iraq is mostly to provide security for this this small building in this nice residental area, about 5 others that do the same. We also have Iraqi guards that we have hired to help with security, such as posting them at barriers outside our building making sure only friendly vehicles can get inside, they are armed with AK-47s. On the other hand, my job before also has been going on raids. I myself have been on about 4 raids since I’ve been here. I am a m249 SAW gunner, which is a light machine gun, but I have been issued an M4 for raids and such, it’s not easy to be fast when you’re carrying a 20 pound machine gun around. I was born in Michigan, which I miss very much, I haven’t been home since last Christmas, and we left in March. Expecting to stay here for a year, though we haven’t ruled out maybe having to stay for a year and a half, like the 101st Airborne are having to do. Someone asked me how is it we have internet? Well, the military is having little areas set up with computers and phones for soldiers to goto so they can get a chance to e-mail or call their family. Plus, Iraqis are setting up a lot of internet cafes for soldiers inside their compounds. Currently, we are 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, usually it’s 8, but I guess Iraq has Daylight Savings before everyone else, so once the US hits daylight savings the time should go back to normal. Before the war, I was convinced the President was doing the right now, now I have a more moderate view about the war. I don’t think the President lied, and there are probably WMD buried under some rock somwhere, after all, any Iraqi I’ve talked to said they believe Saddam had WMD. But I do think this war was not necessary in that I don’t believe Iraq was a threat to us, however I think it is justified in saving 28 million people from a ruthless dictator. There are reasons why I like being in Iraq and reasons I don’t like it. For one, it is really interesting talking to people from another part of the world, and one thing I’ve notice, they aren’t all that different than us Americans. But also, home just seems so much like the perfect place after being here in Iraq, power goes out severals times a day, and many bombed out buildings from the bombings. However, here, I feel like I am making a difference, and that boosts morale for me and helps me to keep staying focused on what I have to do.