Sunday, October 26, 2003

Exciting Day

Well, another interesting thing has happened today. At about 9pm, while working on the computer, checking all my e-mail, I heard what can only be described as loud thumps, the sound of mortars getting shot out of tubes. 2 of them to be exact, and followed by 2 loud booms. Another attack on coalition forces I guess, it happened what appears to be within a mile from here. Probably 81mm Mortars, because it was too loud to be 60mm mortars and not loud enough to be 120mm mortars. Everyone scrambled around, running to their rooms to get their weapons and all ran onto the roof incase we were under attack. The guy we had on guard though said the attack took place alittle bit aways. We could see the dust cloud in the distance where the mortars fell. No one probably got hurt, and I doubt the news will cover it, since this does happen often, but not in this particular area. This is just attacks being carried out to try and cause as much chaos as possible hoping to get the USA to leave, and who can blame them? For so many years America has always cut and run when it's soldiers die, pathetic weak leaders we have. Despite many many resistance cells and fedayeen cells that get uncovered and arrested or killed, which we find these cells all the time, despite all the successes (you never hear about in the news) we've had in cracking down on these guys, they still manage to hit us. We can make this Iraq a great place, but it is going to take patience and time.