Thursday, November 20, 2003

My Life Lately

Since I last blogged, I have been for the most part completely cut off from the outside world. So, I am going to talk about what it is like over here.

At this new post, our living our living conditions are pretty good. With the exception that you have to walk alittle ways to a shower. It is starting to get pretty cold again, so taking a shower can make you pretty cold on the way back to the living quarters.

For the first week we were here, we got attacked almost daily. Once, 3 days in a roll from 120mm mortars. That is something I will never forget, the loud bang you hear in the background followed by a indescribable whooshing sound followed by a loud boom. Where we are, there is alot of open space between buildings. So, most rounds don't hit anything. The Iraqis aren't good with mortars or rifles or any weapon. Usually they just fire a single mortar or rocket and run off before our QRF (quick reaction force) can catch them. Though, one night we were attacked with 6 consecutive mortar rounds. That night, we sent out all the QRF and anyone else to find those responsible. Maybe after all the guys we had looking for them, Bradleys, M1s and Hmmwvs driving all over the the outer fields. The bastards probably decided it is getting to risky for them to attack us and have almost completely stopped all attacks. It has been about 6 or 7 days since we have been attacked, which seems like a long time.

The other day, we had a Colonel come and talk to us. First, to talk about our mission. Then to kind of give us a pep talk. Obviously, I can't talk about our mission, except that we are perimeter guard. He seemed really strange in that he was trying to tell us how important we are for operations and then he would tell us in a kinda of pessimistic way about how the enemy is operating and attacking us. Now, we all know what we are facing out here. All of us have been out in the city, been shot at or have shot at attacks or been in a potentially hostile situation. We are all aware of what it is like out there. I don't know about the new cherries (AKA FNGs or New guys) who just arrived in our unit in Baghdad a few weeks ago. We know the risks, we just keep that thought locked away in the back of our head. We don't need to be reminded of what is going on by some paper pushing Colonel. And they just love reminding us how we are the tip of the spear, and on the front lines in this war. Yeah, whatever sir.