Monday, December 08, 2003

Who's Looking Out For Them?

I was just talking to my mother yesterday. It had been nearly 2 months since I last talked to her. She mentioned something that upset me. What she told me was her friends who are Arabs and from Jordan that she works with are against what the Bush administration did. Their logic is that we helped Saddam get to power. Maybe this is true, but does it matter? The world changed since then. So, with that in mind, if we helped Hitler get in power should we have just let him dominate Europe and Asia because it is hypocritical to go to war if we just helped him? I am NOT saying we helped Hitler, that is just an example. The point is, these Arab nations denouncing America as an occupier and empire and their are supposedly weeping for Iraqis. Do they really care for Iraq? I believe they do not and never did care. How come Syria, Iran, Jordan and other Arab nations have not contributed one thing to Iraqis for reconstruction or even previously contributed anything. Have they tried putting a stop to foreign terrorists(who are killing far more Iraqis than soldiers) crossing into Iraq from their borders? No, they have not. Did they offer any power generators for the power plants or offer assistance to help repair them? No. None of them have done anything except blame America and pretend they really care about Iraq and Iraqis. They don't give a damn about Iraq, if we were not here, they would not care.

What has America done for Iraqis? we got rid of an evil dictator at the cost of many of our own brave Americans lives. Their power is even much better than it was before the war. Iraqis can express their opinions without fear of persecution. The sanctions have finally been lifted (Many in the UN were opposed to lift the sanctions after the war). Schools have re-opened and much improved. I've been here since during the war and after the war. When they had nothing. I can't believe how much and how fast things have changed that were positive. I know I will quickly be getting feedback about how bad the security situation is and blah blah blah and yada yada yada . It is easy to be critical being back home, sitting in your easy chairs and watching another bombing on TV and declare it is a big failure.

I am not saying America is perfect. We made some big miscalculations in this war. Such as we thought all Iraqis hated Saddam and all of them would welcome us with open arms. As hard to believe as it is some people actually liked that lunatic. Plus, the whole foreign terrorists crossing into Iraq. If it were up to me, I would close down the borders until further notice. I think many Iraqis would actually endorse that. Not only that, we had insufficient numbers to stabilize Iraq after the war. We also disbanded the Iraqi Army. This whole war is not about America expanding what some IGNORANT people would call an empire. In Iraq, it is now a new front in the war on terror. We must be strong, we must be unrelenting. I for one would rather be taking the fight to the terrorists here in Iraq than fighting it back home on our own soil. If we want to prove we really and genuinely care about the Iraqis, we must continue to fight.