Thursday, January 08, 2004


A few days ago, while on a patrol. We drove to 3 different abandoned houses to find any weapons that were being stashed there. In one of the homes, we found pictures that were drawn of weapons and one that I thought was alittle desturbing was a picture of a American jet with a set of cross hairs over it.

Someone mentioned that we lost the war in Vietnam. I just thought I should note that the United States never declared war in Vietnam. Also, after an intense bombing campaign the Vietcong came to the table to stop the fighting between the two. America withdrew from Vietnam, we NEVER surrendered to them. We also lost politically, we did NOT lose militarily. The facts are the over 600,000 Vietcong soldiers died and 50,000 American troops died. Plus, through the entire war, we NEVER once lost a major battle in Vietnam.