Monday, February 16, 2004


The weather changes unbelievably fast. It now is starting to rapidly get warm. It was averages of about 60 just 2 weeks ago, now it's upper 70's. However, yesterday we had a sand storm that quickly went through. The sky and everything turned reddish orange and viability was not good. After it cleared up, it was windy and cold the rest of the time. Now, today it is about 70 again. The good thing is, we won't have to put so much cold weather clothing on as we have had to in the past. The bad news, it is going to get pretty hot soon. Thank God we wont be hear for a whole lot longer.

It has become clear that the guys in Washington are not good at spending money properly. I see all these ICDC and other Iraqis and US military driving around in $50,000 dollar SUVs and $70,000 cars. This really really irritates me. This is probably the reason why it is so hard to get new parts for broken equipment. I thought that was what this whole bill they just passed was all about. So that soldiers could get better equipment and parts to fix broken equipment. It takes weeks for the Army to finally provide us with new equipment. Radios are breaking, guns are going down. How are we to be an effective fighting unit with machine guns that aren't working so they are provided with a M4 Carbine. In this job, we look at our weapons as though they are our protectors. Your weapon is your life and someday you may have to rely on that weapon to save your life or your buddies life. I think it is laughable that the Republicans claim to want a small and more efficient government, and yet they screw things up more than the democrats have done in awhile. This is really irresponsible spending. I don't think US or Iraqi military need $60,000 vehicles to get around in the country.