Wednesday, February 11, 2004

One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Freedom Fighter?

It has been pretty quiet here. Despite all the reports of the car bombings. I don't see how blowing up the own civilians you pretend to be fighting for is courageous or proving that you are fighting for the Iraqi people. It is times like this when I think we need to lay down the hammer and really start to crush these guys. I have alot of respect for the 3rd Infantry Division. They spearheaded the whole war and did an AWESOME job. When the 4th Infantry Division first took over Fallujah, they were running around with their heads cut off and getting killed left and right. 4th ID had arrived late in the war and only arrived in time to help secure Baghdad, the war was pretty much over. So, they had little combat experience. However, the 3rd ID soldiers would fight very very well. Their raids on houses were flawless. Even the Special Forces were impressed with 3rd ID. So, 3rd ID moved into Fallujah and took over until they eventually left. For a whole 2 months they were there, my friends who were in Fallujah said there was not a single American casualty he was aware of. The 3rd ID also did a lot kicking ass and taking names while there too. Now it seems 4th ID has started to get the hang of it, but I still wish we had big Army units like 3rd ID here. They were very well trained and very well led.

I just found some extremely depressing news. By the time I leave, my Girlfriend will indeed be coming to Iraq. This upsets me GREATLY. As if seeing her for a year wasn't hard enough, I have to do it for two now. I wish those idiots in Washington could get all this sorted out.