Friday, February 27, 2004

Possable Co-Ordinated Attacks?

Last night in the evening when I was at my post. Me & my buddy all of a sudden started hearing automatic small arms fire. Shortly after, followed by explosions that sounded much like RPGs. We quickly called into the radio the distance and direction it was coming from and that was that. No further news came over the radio on what was going on. We were sure it was a patrol that got ambushed though. About 20 minutes later, the same exact thing happened again in a different location to a different patrol. We even saw a brief mushroom cloud from the explosions. We also called it in. Still, no word on what had just happened. Usually when stuff like this goes on, we get almost immediate feedback saying some unit had made contact with the enemy. About 10 minutes later, which seemed almost instantly after the fire fight. 10 minutes later, as I am staring at my fellow soldier having a conversation with him. He stared just behind me and was like "oh look a tracer, this area is hot today." Then not more than 3 seconds later, we heard and felt a large explosion. My friend had spotted the rocket from an RPG fly at a high arc. It was being used in an indirect mode, kind of like a mortar. The round had landed close outside the perimeter on the other side of the compound. Apparently it hit close to one of the gates being run by Iraqi guards. It seems like these could have been co-ordinated attacks. Usually we only get attacked once a day when it happens.

Fallujah is a major hotbed of resistance. I've talked to and have many friends who have gone to Fallujah several times and they said it made them really nervous. Alot of the time, they would have to drive civilian vehicles in civilian cloths and still it was very nerve racking. They told me the numerous times when patrols would get ambushed and it would mostly end up with the Americans overcoming the Iraqi attackers. One story goes that one time a few up armor hummwvs got ambushed. One of the attackers had a soviet made .50 Cal machine gun and was firing in a blaze of glory. Not one of the soldiers got injured and they killed all 11 of the attackers. These are common stories, but sometimes soldiers would get hurt. Several times they have had car bombs trying to get inside American military compounds and always got attacked.