Monday, March 15, 2004

Human Shields

The human shields that went to Iraq kinda of upset me. So, I think I will give an idea on how us soldiers felt about the whole anti-war campaign that was going on before the war.

First and foremost, this is not a political web page. Also, the military is an apolitical organization. So, I will not discuss wether I believe the war was the right thing to do or not. I remember before the war started, I remember watching TV with people in buses going to Baghdad and being interviewed by reporters. They were human shields. This really got my confused because it amazed me how someone would try to defend a terrible man like Saddam. Then what really amused me was when the reporter went up to a human shield and asked if he was really actually willing to die. His reaction was that of, as if he didn't think about getting killed at all. He seemed like all of a sudden he realized he could die and maybe it was something he didn't want to do. He paused a few seconds and unconvincingly said he was committed. He also had a real feminine voice which also made me kind of laugh. I would watch MTV, and it would make my blood boil. They kept running ad after ad after ad about innocent people dieing. This infuriates me, because it felt like a personal attack. It also sickened my friends who were watching it and got so upset they turned they tv off. The reason why I and probably the others get so offended is it feels like a personal attack on me when they talk about innocent civilians killed. It feels like they are saying I have no morals and that I would deliberately target unarmed people in a fire fight. There will always be innocent people who accedently end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. War is a messy and ugly business, but you have to consider sometimes how many other people might die if not have going to war. I wish there could be no war, but reality is, it has been with us since our beginning and will be there at our end. The famous quote from Apollo "Only the dead have seen the end of war." It pissed me off royally when I saw on MTV, a teenage guy that was being interviewed on one of the anti-war ads that his mom would send him to Canada if there was ever a war. I couldn't believe someone would be so selfish about themselves. We also kept getting frustrated with Saddam stone walling. If he had nothing to hide, why was he doing it? People say we were invading their privacy. I think that is a load of crap. I don't think Americans would have minded if UN inspectors went into the White house, US Capital Building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and any other government buildings or factories to make sure we weren't making bio weapons. We were also upset about the fact that when there is a world crises, everyone in the world begs the USA to come to the rescue. When they USA does not come and "save the day" we are accused of standing by and letting bad things happen when we had the power to stop them, and when we do something like this, we are just as bad as Hitler and our military forces are evil and the US Army is a bunch of killers like the Waffen SS. I wish the world could stop being hypocrites.