Friday, April 09, 2004

Bomber Attack on Fallujah Mosque

I now hear that many Arabs and other people are screaming about a laser bomb guided bomb that struck a Mosque in the flash point city of Fallujah. If this was just an unprovoked attack, then I would agree that this is unacceptable. However, attackers had barricaded themselves inside the Mosque. That immediately means that very Mosque is being used for military operations and therefore is a valid target. It really frustrates me that they think they can go inside a Mosque and fire RPGs and Assault rifles at our soldiers from inside and they think they are going to be safe. There will be no sanctuary where they hide and fire at us from. They need to get used to the idea that if you attack our troops, we are not just going to let them. Just like with anything else, you can't expect for them to not defend themselves. In the Infantry, we believe very strongly that if you know a building is being used by the enemy to attack us that is full of enemy, instead of risking our lives foolishly by trying to enter inside and do room-to-room fighting, we will just launch a missile up their ass. In places like Fallujah, Ramadi, and Tikrit, you HAVE to be tough to stay alive. If you are not tough, the enemy will use this weakness against you and you will start to lose a hell of alot more American soldiers and Iraqis civilians than you would have. If someone shot at me, and if I saw the muzzle flash coming from YOUR church, you better sure as hell believe you're a military target and won't be assumed as civilian according to that.

Al-Jazeera and other news stations seem very very eager to report on the very regrettable loose of life by civilians caught in the cross fire. Now, it's important to tell this side of the story, but not as the WHOLE side of the story like Al-Jazeera presents. They show very gruesome detail on bodies of children and other people. However, when the American contractors were mutilated, none of the Middle East news organizations got into detail about it, like they do with what is going on now. Even Al-Jazeera didn't show ANYTHING at all and hardly even talked about it. Civilian loose is very sad, but it is reality. Just because innocent people may die, doesn't invalidate the nessesarity of war. My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one who was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but as an American soldier, I KNOW we do not indiscriminately shoot at everything that moves. I think this is very ignorant reporting by these news agencies and I see it as nothing less than propaganda. At least in America, they tell the whole story, they even talk about civilians getting killed. If Al-Jazeera was reporting for America instead of Middle East, the way they would handle it is by calling all Iraqis evil terrorists and wouldn't talk about anything besides how important it is that they be destroyed.