Tuesday, April 13, 2004


The siege on Fallujah has created much controversy throughout the media. That the leaders in high places are making really bad decisions with an extremely well trained military force. One argument I heard is that the American forces need to stop down from showing the Iraqis who is boss type of action and to winning more hearts and minds. They even tell us to look at the British example in Basrah that seems to be just peachy. I think this is crap. First off, there have been confrontations in Basrah, and secondly they British are in control of a city in the south. America is in control of the most populated areas of the entire region and therefore, because the US has the biggest presence it would likely become the target of insurgence. They have been some failures dues to the occupation, such as being able to provide electricity and running water to everyone. Others soldiers I have talked to have understood that this is a mistake also. However, it was never easy to begin with. I can't blame some Iraqis for being upset with the occupation with not being able to fix the power grid, but even the best estimates say the grid is so run down from lack of maintenance and lack of good parts for a decade from the sanctions have made it to a problem that will take years to fix. The problem with running water is they are dependant on electricity. When I was in the city for most of the time in Iraq, when the power went out, when I was taking a shower, a few minutes later the shower stopped working and no water was running in the faucet. In our area, we had several generators which were about the size of a truck or a car that we would use to run when the electricity went out. We also let alot of the other locals tap into our generator so they could have electricity when it went out too. Though, it started pissing us off when some of the locals, without asking would just tap into our generator without asking and therefore make the generator suck up all the gasoline alot quicker forcing us to have tanker trucks come by almost everyday when it used to be needed once a week. They neighborhood was all very happy about us being there. Especially during the looting, it made any bad guys think twice about coming into their neighborhood and causing trouble.

Insurgence have been capturing many many hostages, threatening that the US must stop it's assault on Fallujah or they will be killed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Marines are doing a hell of a job kicking their ass. So, they started resorting to holding hostages in order to stop the onslaught. I don't think anyone should really be surprised that they would resort to this measure. After all, in the war, we had to be really cautious with taking prisoners, because they sometimes pretended to surrender and would fire on us. They believe it is totally fine for them to attack innocent people and use dirty tactics, but they cry bloody murder when the USA lays the hammer down on these thugs. I live in a pretty liberal town in Michigan, in fact, Michigan is considered a democrat state. While i'm here on leave, I ask people all around what they think about us negotiating with these thugs in Fallujah, and almost all of them will tell you that we should not negotiate with terrorists and go through the city and crush them. They may have been against the war, but they don't think it's possible to negotiate with terrorists, as they will tell you that it's impossible. If taking hostages and threatening to kill them is not terrorism, then I do not know what is. I've noticed, being in the Army, that the use of force does work. I'm not saying you need to use force in every situation, in fact, force should be the last resort. But, I don't believe using force wont solve anything, when it sure as hell solved world war 2. I don't think we could have made a deal with Hitler. As terrible the idea does sound, it is the fact of life in places like Iraq and Somalia and many other places. Whoever has the guns rules, and we have really big guns. I remember how peaceful it was when the war was over in Iraq, no one would even think of messing with American soldiers because of the firepower we were allowed to use. Now, the enemy sees we are cant use all that power and use it against us with dirty tactics. I really hope this can be peacefully solved, however I don't think it will. I believe the insurgence will pretend to lay their arms down, but in that time, they will be planning a counterattack, just like the Palestinian/Israeli truce alittle while ago that fell apart.

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