Thursday, April 22, 2004

More Bombings

Some car bombings in Basrah killed 70 people, 18 of them being children. Surprisingly, Basrah has been a really passive city with hardly any bad things making the news. Though, I'm sure alot of fire fights go unreported there, just like when I was in Baghdad during my 1 year Combat tour. Alot of people keep telling me to keep my head down, so I guess these are people who think I am still in Iraq. The truth is, I just arrived back in the States from Iraq in late march. I was there during the war. Now, I am back home in the States watching the news just like everyone else, though I still have sources inside Iraq now. Friends of mine in other units that are still there that I talk to from time to time. I was going to stop posting back when I just got back from Iraq, but many people encouraged me to stay on and keep posting about my experiences and what I thought about current affairs.

I've gone through numerous internet chat rooms, some you can tell are all foreigners because of all the frothing hate they have towards the USA and it's military they express. I especially get annoyed when they talk about the US military deliberating targeting civilians. This is very ignorant way of thinking. Soldiers are just doing their jobs, they were told to go to Iraq, they didn't have a choice, and people have the nerve to criticize them when they have to defend themselves. Blame Bush and the US government, but don't blame the guys living day to day one day at a time trying to survive trying to support their family thousands of miles and make it by in the world. Soldiers are human beings just like anyone else, we have family who care about us and worry about us, we are not robots.

I think what is happening in Fallujah, is a battle in Iraq that was supposed to take place during the war, but never did. In the beginning, it was like a big race toward Baghdad. Alot of cities were bypassed to avoid fighting and to go straight for the Jugular. So, alot of the fighters never got a chance to confront the US forces, and I think this was probably a big mistake. Hopefully, this can be resolved soon.