Monday, April 19, 2004

Spain leaves, Al-Jazeera and Detroit Red Wings

Kudos to Spain for giving terrorists a glimmer of hope. In all seriousness, this is demoralizing for me. I think we can do the job without them, not like their couple thousand had a really big impact on the situation. Though, I think they will continue to fight the war on terror. Hopefully the terrorists don't see this as an example of their actions on March 11 as a way to tear the Coalition apart. I don't care what anyone says about the "Iraqis want you out" bs. I've been to Iraq for a year, and I've seen huge improvement there during my combat tour there. Alot of Iraqis would help Americans by bringing forward information on trouble makers. People would wave at us and give us thumbs up. The only place I believe really where Iraqis hate us, is in Fallujah, Ramadi and Tikrit. That is because they all were fat and happy when Saddam was in power. Plus, my friends told me about Fallujah and how bad it was. Other cities I've been to people were so happy to see us. So, I don't buy any of this crap about all this resistance that is growing, the only place I can believe that is in Fallujah and the other cities I named. I remember an Iraqi telling me he saw graffiti on the street saying "1 American is better than 1000 tikrits." So obviously, Baghdadis don't really like them or Fallujah. Alot of them said America should just level the towns with bombs. I am starting to agree with their philosophy.

Them guys at Al-Jazeera really got alot of nerve. They like to point out the fact that the US Army is Himmler Waffen SS. However, they can't look at the mirror and see how the "brave and glorious" resistance in Palestine blow up areas in Israel packed with as many woman and children as possible. In the military, you are trained to be aggressive for one reason, to come home alive. That is mission priority ABOVE anything else, is to come home alive. If that means not winning hearts and minds, then that is going to have to do. I don't know about anyone else, but i'm not going to die just to win hearts and minds. Also, i'm not going into a building packed with enemy fighters and send in my boys and get killed to clear it when the logical thing to do is level the building. I know the US military isn't taking hostages. This is an act of desperation. They can't win in a real fight, so they gotta use dirty tactics, like us Ambulances to carry weapons and ammo and fighters. YES, they really do this kind of stuff, I was there in Baghdad when they figured it out it was being done to get weapons past checkpoints. They also really put woman and children in front of them while fire, this is also not a fairy tale, it REALLY happens, I've seen it with my very own eyes. In combat, it's either you or them, and it's sad, but you may have to kill a woman being used as a shield in order to kill him, but it's a fact of life, and it's very sad. Arabs aren't very renowned for marksmanship skills, as I've seen very often, plus they have showed a willingness to kill innocent people without thinking twice about it, so I doubt all these innocent people getting hurt are from the "evil occupiers."

In other news, Red Wings eliminated the Nashville Predators. I'm from Michigan, so i'm a HUGE Red Wings fan, and I love to play hockey. This brings them to round 2 in the playoffs. I think the Red Wings have probably the best chance to win the Stanley cup, they definitely have the leadership to do it, and much of the guys are hockey veterans. We'll see though, should be interesting.