Saturday, May 01, 2004

Ugly Images and Possable Deployment?

Images were recently released of US Army Military Police abusing Iraqi prisoners. They were very disturbing to say the least. Now these soldiers have put the lives of their fellow soldiers at risk by making more Iraqis cross from moderate to angry toward the USA, and like other dumb criminals, they took pictures that incriminated themselves. I think the USA is going to have a long and hard time getting those who trusted the USA to trust us again. This I know, couldn't have come at a worst time for President Bush. These soldiers do not deserve to wear the uniform of the US Army. Their actions were dispicable and unAmerican.

Things are happening, training deployments have been cancelled. There are rumors of us going back to Iraq soon. Our Commanding Officer told us not to worry about the rumors, but he is going to get more information for us, since he did say something was happening and he knew more than he was supposed to. I am not believing the rumors, in the military, you get so many false rumors you get to where you don't believe any rumor you hear. However, this is very interesting and at least it helps time go by faster cause it seems less boring I guess.