Thursday, May 06, 2004

This Just In

Well, all our suspicions about another possible deployment to Iraq has been confirmed within the last few days. Of course I can not discuss what division and unit, all I will say is a large group of us are going to Iraq within the next 7-9 weeks. The rumor is Fallujah. We are mostly all grunts, so that is probably why they want us there. The main body will be leaving first, and those of us that just got back from Iraq, will follow within a few months after. So, I will be going to Iraq sooner than the usually mandatory 6 months stay back home from a major deployment. Since the large group is leaving real soon, we who have just recently got back from Iraq are trainers for the guys leaving for Iraq. Everyone will be working 7 days a week training for awhile until they leave. So, everyone thinking we were going to go back home and relax for awhile has been completely derailed. I don't really care about going to Iraq, I know what to expect, and i'm confident in my training, and the training we are giving to our bothers-in-arms who will shortly be there. However, alot of them would sympathize that we just got back from a year tour in Iraq, and are within a few months after returning home, about to go out again for another year. I really feel sorry for the guys who have families and are leaving. This has got to be the toughest thing for these husbands and wives to be without their loved one. It is a old saying in the Army that the hardest job in the Army is the wife. Some people don't think about soldiers having families and alot of people back home who care for them and worry about them. All of this training, live fires, weapons qualification, ect ect is going to have everyone exhausted by the time the month or so of STRAIGHT training for 7 days, but they all know it's for the better. We want to go Iraq with everyone and come back from Iraq with everyone.