Sunday, May 02, 2004

Marines Withdraw

US Marines withdraw outside the city of Al Fallujah. General Jasim Muhammad Salih of the former Republican guard and a brigade of Iraqi troops moved into Fallujah and greeted with hundreds of happy and cheering Iraqis.

Now, before I say this, I am not comparing Iraq to World War 2 in anyway, but this really stinks of Bastogne. When the Germans held all the cards and had the Americans surrounded, and eventually it was the Germans that caved in. I can't help but see some sort of similarity between this and what happened in Fallujah. This is really good that they were able to find a peaceful way to end the seige. It looked like there was no alternative then to bulldoze the town. On the other hand, I am deeply embarrassed when I hear the resistance is claiming a defeat over the US Marines. The resistance were outmatched in every way. Despite my humiliation at this, I am glad to see a good solution was found. I think this General Jasim Muhammad Salih will serve Iraq well. However, I know there is going to be a problem with this guy with many Shiah, since he was a Ba'athist after all.

I've seen alot of responses about the abuses of Iraqi prisoners. Such as that the Iraqis have done worse and it wasn't all that bad and it's what they deserved. Well, I'll agree that there has been some really bad stuff they would do to our people if they captured them. For instance, the 4 contractors that were mutilated. I think it is sad when people call all Iraqis savages after that, and then when their own troops get caught doing something bad, they say Arabs should not generalize, when they are just as guilty of it. I definitely don't feel sorry for any terrorists who kill civilians and put women and children in front of them during a fire fight, but we are the world superpower. We are supposed to be the leader of the free world. We cannot lower ourselves to this sort of behavior. As a super power we must hold ourselves to higher standard. What those soldiers did is a disgrace to the service and the country they served.