Sunday, May 23, 2004

Najaf and Karbala, plus Wedding attack

Isn't this funny, Arabs saying a wedding was hit by an american bomb, when there is pretty much incontravertable evidence that it was in fact a high level meeting of foriegn fighters. I've been at the Syrian border for a few days, doing check points, and believe me, that place is FAR FAR FAR from civilization. So, them saying it was a wedding really makes me want to laugh. I remember when we have caught Arabs RED-HANDED attacking our positions and they will even deny they had anything to do with it. So, they aren't the most honost people, at least in my oppinion. I remember alot of the times, people saying they love America, and the next thing you know, later that night they are firing RPGs at us. I guess after the recent disgrace shown by fellow American soldiers in uniform, they'll believe anything negative.

Large demonstrations calling for US troops to pull out of Karbala and Najaf. These people really love to voice their opinions as it seems. If there wasn't a murderous cleric at large using religion as a weapon and using it to gain control of Iraq, then they wouldn't have this problem. We are fighting forces that seek to destroy Iraq. If they really wanted to get rid of the occupier, maybe they should lay down their weapons and pick up shovels so they can help rebuild. That would make us leave sooner. Attacking American troops will only strengthen their resolve to fight back and further kick their ass. If you fire on troops, then expect to be fired on in return. It is self defense, if you get punched in the face, are you not allowed to hit back? Like-wise, they can keep shooting at us, it just makes our job alot easier. Believe me, we're a hell of alot better trained then they are, and they will lose any engagment or they will pay a very heavy price. If someone shoots at me from a building, you can bet, i'll be the first one to put a Javelin missile system together and fire it and destory that building. I would not send in American forces to try and clear a building that I know is full of insurgence.