Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Rudy Giuliani

Mayor Rudy Giuliani testified to the 9-11 Investigation panel today. Me and my buddy got to watch it for about 15 minutes. Giuliani described everything down to the finest details. What really struck me was when he talked about the details about witnessing people jumping out of the building, and how shocking it was and how many survivors came up to him and said how encouraged they became as they were racing down stares while the fire fighters were racing up the stares. People in the audience I could see some of them having to wipe their eyes with a tissue. All those feelings I had when the attacks first happened, started to re-surface in me. I really wanted to cry. Then in the opening before he started, he stated, I think a brutally true statement, "Our enemy is not each other but the terrorists who attacked us, murdered our loved ones and continue to offer a threat to our security, safety and survival."