Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Pistons and Bush Likens War on Terror to WWII

I am from Michigan, so I'm extremely excited the Pistons have finally made it to the finals. I can imagine there must be alot of pride in people back home finally again. The only team we could ever depend on to play well was the Red Wings. They are probably not going to beat the LA Lakers, but at least they made it. Yesterday's game was a big roller coaster, I was really getting very upset at all the poor shooting they were doing. Who knows, maybe they can make a miracle happen and defeat the Lakers. I know most people would like to see underdogs like the Pistons triumph over the Lakers.

Bush in a speech tells a crowd of Air Force cadets likens the War on Terror to World War 2. It is without a doubt he is going to be severely critized by his opposites for stating this. One thing I can tell you is, alot more people in the 1940's STRONGLY supported FDR than Bush, except right after September 11. He is my commander in chief, but I must say World War 2 is nothing like the War on Terror, the same as the War in Vietnam is nothing like the War on Terror. In both wars, we had a clear enemy, the Japanese, Germans, and the NVA. Today, our enemy hides in the shadows of society and comes out to strike at us where we least expect it, and vanish back into those shadows. Many things are the same however, America got attacked, and thus a sleeping giant was awoken. This war though, has not been real for alot of people. In World War 2, everyone did their part. Today, people get on with their lives and sit down in their easy chairs and watch the news and come up with outrageous assumptions that the US military is getting defeated by the militants, when they hear propaganda on television with terrorists and militia claiming victory.