Sunday, June 20, 2004

Saudis Deals A Blow To Al-Qaeda

Soon after the murder of an American Hostage in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi authorities quickly tracked down who were responsible and quickly dispatched them. Abdulaziz al-Moqrin was the #1 Al-Qaeda man in Saudi Faisal Abdul-Rahman al-Dikheel was the #2 man and a few other high value targets were killed among them in the fire fight. This is great news that maybe now the Saudis have realized they have a real problem on their hands and better address it. Saudi Arabia had and probably still does have a big problem going on in schools teaching children to hate America and that America is the root of all problems in the world. Now, they have created a monster which is going to be extremely difficult for them to kill. It is almost like a big pet has turned on it's owner. I still think Saudi Arabia should have been a major target in the war on terror. Almost ALL of the high jackers were Saudi and even a big study went into finding out that people in the Saudi royal family do fund Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups hell bent on killing westerners. I hope the Saudi government is finally willing to help in this fight on terror. My feeling is, they have ALOT to prove to me that they don't sponsor terrorism.