Friday, June 18, 2004

20,000 more troops

Congress virtually one sided, with respect of 4 nay votes, have voted for the military to expand it's size to 20,000 troops. Many civilians look at this as something good. However, I am VERY against this. The US military needs to stay small for several reasons. Number one, to keep the military WELL equip. People complain about the bad equipment or shortage of equipment now, it will get even worse with adding more troops and cost a hell of alot more. You can't have a LARGE well trained force, you can only have a small well trained force. If you have sooo many people, it costs way to much to give them good training, food, and good equipment. With a small well trained force, they are very adaptable, intelligent, and very well trained for just about anything. It's a big factor in why we crushed Iraq in 1991 and Afghanistan in 2001. A lighter, much more mobile and very well trained force is my idea of a good fighting machine. We can get the job done, we don't need to lower our standards in the recruiter offices and let unqualified people in the military. There is a reason for this, so we don't get some idiot who is going to get me killed or my buddies killed or who just isn't stable in his or her mind for the challenges. I think Congress are trying to do a good thing, but I believe this is a mistake. At least Congress shows it actually cares about their nation's sons and daughters that have to do all the grunt work in this war on terror.