Wednesday, June 16, 2004

America's Deminishing Resolve

To me, it seems alot of the resolve the American people have is starting to run out. After 9-11, everyone was willing to sacrifice almost anything to ensure their safety. Now, people are in like complete denial that Al-Qaeda even remains a threat. Just like Former Mayor Giuliani said the enemy is not each other, the enemy are the terrorists. We Americans need to understand that there is a very serious threat that Al-Qaeda poses and we can not just call it even and quit. How can we live with ourselves if we allow the terrorists to come here and bring down buildings full of men, woman and children who have COMPLETELY NOTHING to do with what is going on politically. It disgusts me to think these terrorists could somehow justify killing completely innocent people. Men and Woman going to their office so they can feed their families. This just makes me sick.

Iraq finally has a President, this is a nice step forward in Iraq, and being away from Iraq, it is a breath of fresh air instead of hearing about all the car bombs. I must admit, I've been becoming victim of the media, and I of all the people should know better than to believe everything the news says. So, I'm trying hard not to do get pessimistic when I read or watch the news.