Monday, June 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I'm not one for doing movies reviews on a blog, but this new movie by Micheal Moore really touched me personally. This movie is a documentary, and does have a political agenda behind it. However, there is alot of truth in the film. I went to this movies so I could get other perspectives on the world. I don't just listen to one side and decide I like them, I like to hear from all different sides of the story.

One thing I will not discuss is how I feel about Bush. Being in the United States Armed Forces, it is very unprofessional to talk bad about your leader, and Bush is in our chain of command. I keep my thoughts to myself as far as that goes, I don't even tell my family how I feel about Bush, I just keep my mouth shut in their political debates they often have. The movie had my close to crying on several occasions though. About the story of this poor mother who's son died in Iraq, and how she just was soooo over-whelmed with grief that she feel to the floor and had to crawl to a table to pick herself back up and no one was there to hold onto her or try to comfort her. Then, it shows a later scene where the Woman goes to the white house and tells this group of anti-war protests camped out by the White house that her son died, and she walked off and cried and almost fell over from the strong emotions. Another thing that was interesting was all the Congressmen and Senators all gung-ho about going to fight a war, but were not in the least willing to send their own children to fight. But what REALLY touched me was when Micheal Moore described how amazed he was that the littlest people, many from poor broken families who had been crapped on by the Government, were always the ones that came and stepped to the plate to protect that same government. It nearly moved me to tears. Being in the military though, and watching some of the soldiers running around in chaos after bring wounded soldiers back, all I was thinking "oh no, this is not something my mom should be seeing." One thing however, that I did not like about the movie was some of the scenes of soldiers acting all gung-ho about going off to fight with music in their head phones. This upsets me #1 cause it is VERY unprofessional, and #2 listening to music is the LAST thing you should be worried about in Combat. I remember MP units we went on raids with would be listening to music on the radio. This really pissed alot of us Infantryman off cause they were supposed to be paying attention to what is going on, not listening to some damn music. Situational awareness is PARAMOUNT in a combat environment, and you can't have that with listening to music.

Whether you are pro-Bush, or anti-Bush I would encourage you to see this film. You need to have an open mind and try to understand the way other people feel about this. It is the only way to solve problems in society, is to be open and to discuss and to argue with one another. That is how America is great. Just remember when seeing this film, to take from it with a grain of salt. It is just one side of the story. However, I will admit, that Micheal Moore is VERY gifted at telling his side and regardless of his political views, you must admit he is a damn good artist.